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Regsitry Tweaker - krishsolutions

Registry Tweaker allows you to set some of the internal options.
Features:Registry Tweaker can Enable/Disable Following features:
Display properties Task manager Control panel Browser options

Common USB Virus Remover

This is a very needed tool. It helps in emergency cases. Everyone should have this tool.It is a virus removal script against 30+ most common USB viruses.
You can use this tool when the following symptoms are observed
While formatting usb drives "Drive cannot be formatted" error observed.
The Folder Options are missing.
Slow shutdown.
Display properties are disabled.
Task manager is Disabled.
Control panel is disabled.
Browser options are missing.
Screensaver tab is missing in display properties.
When the Turn Off button is missing in start menu.
Hardware tab is missing in my computer properties.
Unable to open registry.
Run command missing in start menu.
My Computer properties are missing.
Add or remove programs is disabled
When the Search option doesn't works.
Problems while starting explorer.
My Documents properties are missing.
When CD doesn't burns.
Shared Documents are disabled.
Context menu disabled in My computer & Desktop.
Desktop icons are invisible.
File Menu is missing in My…