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2013 New Year Wallpapers To TechnicPage Blog Readers

Advance Happy NewYear to all of you. We all start the New Year with the new ideas, new decisions and new hopes. Let's Decorate our desktop with some best beautiful New Year Wallpapers. All the below wallpapers are designed by me.I had learned some Photoshop tips to make these wallpapers. I like the glassy effect wallpapers very much.

Best Babylon Toolbar Removal Tool - 100% Completely Uninstall Babylon Toolbar Search Engine

Babylon toolbar is a an adware program. It installs in to our system's silently along with some other software's and sits in our computers.

Windows 7 Vs. Windows 8 - Which One to Choose?

Microsoft released its latest version windows 8 on 26 October 2012. It has updated each and every version of the windows with new features.Similarly it boosted the windows 8 performance, speed, storage capacity, interface, applications etc.Compared to windows 7, windows 8 the latest series is the best one because of the following reasons

How to Add All Friends To Facebook Group Bulk

Invite and Add all your Facebook friends to group using this simple bookmark.

How To Hide All Icons On Desktop In Windows

Most of you  will set the beautiful wallpapers but those nasty icons on your desktop will make it to look not much beautiful.

Update Your Twitter Header Photo To Make Your Profile More Beautiful

Now you can set Header Photo to your twitter profile. Make your twitter profile more Professional and beautiful by updating your twitter header photo.

Buy .com Domain at Rs: 249 form bigrock 60% off - UPDATED

Good news to webmasters and bloggers,  Bigrock is offering the .com domain @Rs. 249 ($4.5). This is the correct opportunity to buy a domain. I had purchased a domain with this offer .Don't miss this opportunity.

Get RS.50 Mobile Recharge For Every New Facebook Sign-Up

Facebook has announced a Promo Offer to attract the people to join into their social networking platform.  They are offering Talk-time PromotionRS.50Mobile Recharge as promotional offer to all the mobile users who Sign Up for their free account with a genuine new mobile number which is never registered or used on Facebook.

How To Show Smiley's In Facebook Comments

I had posted many posts on using colorful text in Facebook chat and Facebook Colorful text generator. Thanks for making those tips popular.

You all know that smileys can be used in Facebook chat. But Recently Facebook has provided this feature to comments too. Now you can express your comments using smiley's.

How To Control uTorrent App Remotely From Anywhere

Hi..!  TechnicPage readers. Here is the very useful tutorial for the you. I think many of you will use this remote Utorrent facility. You can put downloads in your home and control the utorrent app form the office.

How To Repair Corrupted OR Damaged Word Documents

Sometimes word documents will get corrupted due to sudden power loss and some other reasons. When we try to open the document it displays some errors like..

Categorise Start Menu Programs With Handy Start Menu

Access to your programs easily using Handy Start Menu. Handy Start Menu categorizes all the software's  installed on your computer to the related category name. For example if you have installed the  software like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Yahoo Messenger, Utorrent, Team Viewer.. etc it will show all these programs in Internet Category.

Watch The Apple iPhone 5 Television Ads

Apple has released 5 Television ads for their latest product iPhone 5. Here are the all five commercial ads. Watch them.

How To Reduce Facebook E-Mail Notifications In One Step

Are you recently joined in Facebook, then very fast you might have sent many friend request and made many friends. you might have receiving many emails in the name of Facebook notifications. Aren't you?

Unsubscribe To Unwanted Email News Letters Fast And Easily

Swizzle inbox manager scans all the emails in your emailInbox, Trash, Spam and all other folders of your E-mail account, and picks all the spammy and all other News-letters for Unsubscription. You can select each newsletter or all in a single shot to unsubscribe .

How To Print Both Sides Of Paper in Adobe Reader (Pdf Document)

Are you facing problem while printing the PDF / WORD / POWERPOINT  documents on both sides of a paper? I too faced this problem. Here is the simple easy tutorial for printing a document on both sides.Here i shown you printing using Adobe reader. You can follow the same process for printing in Ms-Office, PowerPoint, Wordpad..etc.

Create Awsome Flame Backgrounds Easily-Online

We see many outstanding flame backgrounds around the internet and sets them as wallpapers. These pictures are created in powerful image editing software like Photoshop using many advanced brush and coloring techniques.

How To Set Shortcut Key To Open Any Application In Start Menu

Do you know that you can set shortcut to open any application in start menu. Yes, we can open any application in Start menu or on Desktop by pressing the shortcut key.

How To Change Taskbar Position In Windows 7

In windows XP we can't change the Task-bar Position. Windows 7 has an option to change the Task-bar position. We can change its position on screen to Left, Right, Top and Bottom.

How To Enable The Menu Bar In Windows 7 Explorer

Hello every one.. This week I am going to blog on all thebasics of windows 7 operating system. Some of you know all these settings, but this is to only to newbie's of windows 7 operating system. 

4G Wimax or Fix Wired Connection?

4G is known to be the 4th generation of mobile telecommunication standard. 4G claims to give 10 times faster mobile internet connection compared to its ancestor, the 3G. With 4G mobile internet, you can actually do interrupted connection while doing mobile internet gaming, mobile HD movies viewing and the use of mobile VoIP services.
It was last year that 4G Wimax was introduced to the consumers. It resulted to massive subscription to the service. This made the wired internet connection concern of its existence in the cyber world. Questions like would 4G Wimax replace wired internet connection? Although it could surpass the speed of the wired connection, it would really give

How to Do Math Calculations In Google Search

Have you seen Google Calculator in your search results?.

How To Create Folder Without Name

Do you know how to name any Folder / File without name? If not, read this post. You can challenge to your friends that you can name a file without the name. Here is the simple and easy Two Steps trick.

Facebook chat text generator Style-3

Facebook Text Generator Style - 4

Download M.S OFFICE 2013 Preview Version

Microsoft has released thepreview version of MS OFFICE 2013 on 16-july-2012. Download it from You should have windows live account to download it. If you don't have windows live account, create it for free. 

Check & Cancel Pending Friend Requests On Facebook

You might have send many friend request to your friends on Facebook. Do you want to check who was not accepted your friend request ? Now you  can check the pending friend requests on Facebook. Here is the total guide to check the requests which are not accepted by your friends.

How to Save Goolgle Stream, Profile, Contacts, Picasa photo alubums Offline

Do you want to save / backup all of your photos, profile information, contacts, circles, stream posts, and Buzz posts to your computer.

Top 5 Best Telugu Online Radio Websites

Do you like to listen to Online radio stations... Here is the collection of best Telugu online radio sites..

Chat With Beautiful Color Text On Facebook -2

Greet your friends with a colorful text on facebook chat. Before we have posted similar one, Here is the other with different colours. Just type bleow and copy generated code to facebook chat.

Store Your Files Safe in Google Drive - Cloud Storage

With Google Drive, you can store all your files in one place, so you can access them from anywhere and share them with others Upload files to Google Drive directly from your computer / Android device.Upload and convert files to the Google Docs format.

Download Free 6 Months lisence keys for McAfee Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus, Trend Micro Security Antivirus

Download Free 6 Monthsfr lisence keys for McAfee Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus, Trend Micro Security Antivirus softwares. This is only for Facebook users.

Simple Mp3 Cutter & Free Mp3 Ringtone Maker

There are many software's for cutting mp3 files as ringtones, among those Free Mp3 Ringtone Maker is  the easy and simple cutter. Every one can easily cut their favorite music as ringtone.

USB Fix It: Official fix tool from microsoft to remove USB Devices issues

Sometimes we get USB related problems, mostly we get these problems when we connect  new Usb devices to our computers like, Pen-drive, Printer, Cellphone, Scanner, ect,, .Some of the most common problems related to USB flash drives is when ejecting the USB device. windows doesn't allow us to safely remove usb drives. It shows error messages like ' USB can’t be ejected currently' or windows doesn't respond we need to restart the computer.To solve all these USB related issues faced by the users of Windows, Microsoft has released a tool called USBFix It that automatically diagnoses and repairs all common USB device related problems.

How To Check All email accounts like Yahoo,Hotmail,etc From Gmail

Now a days every person maintains  multiple email accounts, personally I use 5 email accounts. It is very hard read and keep up all the email accounts. Do you face the same problem?? .. Here is the solution to get rid of these problems.

How to Send any image as Smiley / Emoticon in facebook chat

Recently I have posted how to chat with colorful text in Facebook chat, and now we are going to know How to send any image as a emoticon / smiley in Facebook chat. you don't believe this?? you should believe this. A nice service, Smiley chat codes, does this easily by converting your image to a code and then this code can be sent in Facebook chat.

Make your system stable & faster with FixBee

Make your system Stable & faster by Defragmentation and removing Junk files. FixBee is an award-winning defragmentation software, it defragments all files and  removes junk files that just take up space and slow down your computer.Keeping your computer defragmented and free of junk files will help it to perform better over the long-term. With FixBee, all of this complicated work is handled in a matter of minutes.

How To Show Your Profile Picture In Facebook Chat

Yes, we can show facebook profile pic in facebook chat. Just type your facebook username / profile number in the double Square brackets and close them.

Chat With Colourful Text On Facebook - 3

Greet your friends with a colorful text on facebook chat. Before we have posted similar one , Here is the other with different colours.
Just type bleow and copy generated code to facebook chat .

Make your facebook timeline as Movie

Make your Facebook timeline as a movie with Timeline Movie Maker. This is very interesting, surely your will like it.

Facebook Chat Colorful Text Generator - 4

Greet your friends with a colorful text on facebook chat.
Just type below and copy generated code to facebook chat.

Amazing way to view facebook photos

View your photos on facebook in a amazing view on
 No registration required just login with facebook account.

lephone a3 spd flash file original for GPG Dragon

Here is the original Lephone a3Spd flash file -- personally backup done by my friend. 100% working.

This is the latest file, not taken else anywhere form the net.

Manage All Social Network Apps Premissoins At One Place

Do  you ever checked how many private apps did you allowed to access your social account information. Especially facebook users use the many social apps / games, you should manage your social apps permissions to secure your privacy information.

Direct Links To Manage Popular Social Networks E-Mail Notifications

People having more than 3 social network accounts like, facebook, Googleplus+, twitter their email inbox will be filled with full of these social network notifications. Are you angry of these notifications? Then just disable the unimportant notifications.

How To Switch Back To Old Facebook Profile

To switch back from Facebook timeline to old Facebook profile page, just go to TimeLineRemove.Com Select proper add-on for your browser and install it. After installation you need to restart your browser and enjoy the old Facebook profile.

Complete Antivurs Uninstall Software

Do you have any problems while removing the antivirus programs, use this AppRemover Software. It is a free utility with less file size. It supports almost all the antivirus programs. It completely removes the selected antivirus / security application in your computer.

How To Schedule Facebook,Twitter,Google+ Status Updates

Now we are going to know how to schedule social network posts. Seesmic is providing facility to schedule posts on the social network accounts. Such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkdIn, Chatter, By this we can make the posts to publish on a specific time/date.

Best Websites To Decorate Facebook Cover Photo Easily

Easily create your own branded Facebook Timeline Cover header banner in minutes using the following  free online services.

Save A Website To Pdf Using Bowser Addons

Most of the users want to save the important webpages to PDF format, yes we can save any web page to PDF easily using addons.

How To Scan Any File With 40 Antivirus Softwares At A Time

Yes it is true you can scan any file with 40 antivirus/malware scanners in a single stroke. If you have a file which you thought that contains a virus. you can clarify your doubt by scanning it online with Virus .

10 GB - 50 GB Best Free online storage sites

It is safe to store some important files on the web storage. Many web-sites are providing free online storage space. Look at some of the trusted free online storage sites.

Newfolder.exe Virus Removal Tool

Newfoloder.exe virus creates the bulk folders in the sub directories of every folder and make the system very slow.It mostly infects by usb devices. Download this New Folder Removal Tool and scan your all the drives in your computer. It completely removes the virus form the computer.

View Any website 3D In Firefox

Do you like to see any website in a 3D view, Here is a simple firefox addon 'Tilt'.Tilt is a firefox addon . It is developed using the webGL  technology.

Download Tilt Addon  after installation restart your browser.
Requirements:Your browser must be the latest version.Your graphics card should support the WebGL to support this extension.