Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Facebook Chat Colorful Text Generator - 4

Greet your friends with a colorful text on facebook chat.
Just type below and copy generated code to facebook chat.


Style 3 

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  1. ii posle kakwo trqaa praimm .. ko da go praim toss kod :@:@:@

    1. stava sloji si toq kod v chata na priqtelqti

  2. Nishto ne stana :@

  3. plz. I want JAY HINGLAJ name in colour ful tex.. Give me.

  4. @Nitin Khatri hey Nitin use this code in your facebook chat to get "JAY HINGLAJ "

    [[f9.chj]] [[f9.cha]] [[f9.chy]]
    [[f9.chh]] [[f9.chi]] [[f9.chn]] [[f9.chg]] [[f9.chl]] [[f9.cha]] [[f9.chj]]

  5. stava we nooooooooooobove slagate go v chata na priqtelq si deto si pishete i enter

  6. ami tova li e to samo tozi kod [[334073456605673]] [[432883640525]] [[64245738440]] [[316143388416019]] [[226910642728]] [[111884958838844]] [[432883640525]] [[77189649729]] [[140775945956538]] .[[53872404042]] [[116564658357124]] [[147702285338528]]


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