Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Send any image as Smiley / Emoticon in facebook chat

Recently I have posted how to chat with colorful text in Facebook chat, and now we are going to know How to send any image as a emoticon / smiley in Facebook chat. you don't believe this?? you should believe this. A nice service, Smiley chat codes, does this easily by converting your image to a code and then this code can be sent in Facebook chat.

genelia facebook chat emoticon

Steps to Send any image as Smiley in Facebook chat

  • First go to, look at the below image you will see interface like this.
  • Browse any image from your computer, which you want to show in chat.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA or Security code.
  • Now click Upload button.

  • After doing the above steps you will see like this, it means image is uploading wait until it completes.
how to send any image as facebook smiley_emoticon browse
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  • After uploading process finished you will see like this below.
  • Click on the Show codes to view your custom generated smiley code.
show facebook chat emoticon code

  • Now click on the Copy to Clipboard to copy entire code.
  • Paste it in Facebook chat & enjoy your smiley.
  • See the heroine Genelia smiley in Facebook chat
genelia facebook chat emoticon

This is the code which i made for Genelia pic

[[241970752567705]] [[241970745901039]] [[241970749234372]] [[241970755901038]]
[[241970765901037]] [[241970869234360]] [[241970875901026]] [[241970862567694]]
[[241970872567693]] [[241970865901027]] [[241970932567687]] [[241970939234353]]
[[241970942567686]] [[241970945901019]] [[241970935901020]] [[241971012567679]]
[[241971015901012]] [[241971019234345]] [[241971009234346]] [[241971022567678]]
[[241971112567669]] [[241971129234334]] [[241971115901002]] [[241971119234335]]

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