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Check & Cancel Pending Friend Requests On Facebook

You might have send many friend request to your friends on Facebook. Do you want to check who was not accepted your friend request ? Now you  can check the pending friend requests on Facebook. Here is the total guide to check the requests which are not accepted by your friends.

How to check the pending friend requests on Facebook

# Step-1

# Step-2

  • Click the Bulk Load button.
  • You will see the options like in the below image.
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 # Step-3

  • Now "Click on the Get Friend Request Data" button.
  • A small window will pop. Copy all the text and paste it in the Load Friend Requests box.
  • Press "Load Friend Requests" button.
  • Now it will show all the pending friend requests list.
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  • Now you can cancel the pending friend requests.
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  1. not shows 0 pending requests

  2. It worked ... nice & helpful advice...

  3. Hi

    It sort of works- yes you can see all your pending friend request but it does not accurately display the day

    Using it I cleared all my existing pending friends to see if it did what I want. This was four days ago. I added five new friends, the next day it correctly showed one pending friend request one day old. Each day since I have added friend requests some of which from each day are pending. It shows them all, even the ones I added early this morning, as being added four days ago! So the date stamp on it does not work.

    I need an application that will give an accurate date, as I delete pending friend requests after seven days to prevent them from mounting up and me getting blocked. I used to use the Mozilla plug in Unfriend finder but its development has been stopped.

    So it does not work properly. Not in Firefox anyway, and I refuse to use that other programme called Internet Crap! lol- at least that is what I call it!


  4. All I get is a blank screen, using Google Chrome 24.0.1312.52. Any suggestions?

  5. Works on the latest Chrome 26. Thank you :)

  6. It Works..! Great.! Thank you.!

  7. Please , how it work on opera mini for symbian phone? Step when i should copy and past ,, how to copy the script?

    Thank's :)

    1. To copy text in symbian O.s phone Hold Pencil key and use arrow keys to select the text and to copy.

  8. It worked the first time, but the info seems to be cached? I had removed some pending request and yet it's not updated?

  9. Really thanks for this , its working verywell ........


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