Saturday, August 18, 2012

Create Awsome Flame Backgrounds Easily-Online

We see many outstanding flame backgrounds around the internet and sets them as wallpapers. These pictures are created in powerful image editing software like Photoshop using many advanced brush and coloring techniques.

Here is the simple way to Create such awesome flame backgrounds, that every one can do.
  • Go to
  • You will see the black box, Draw in the black box.
  • There will be a settings panel bottom of the black box. (See Settings panel in the below image)
  • You can change the brush color by adjusting the color bar.
  • Adjust the Brush settings to change the brush effect and size.
  • To Change the Background color to White click on the "BCG" button in settings panel.
  • To Undo the last change, Press "Z".
  • To Save the picture, click on the "Save" button.
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 Some Examples.
Awsome Hello flame painting
Dragon flame painting

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