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Windows 7 Vs. Windows 8 - Which One to Choose?

Microsoft released its latest version windows 8 on 26 October 2012. It has updated each and every version of the windows with new features.Similarly it boosted the windows 8 performance, speed, storage capacity, interface, applications etc.Compared to windows 7, windows 8 the latest series is the best one because of the following reasons

How to Add All Friends To Facebook Group Bulk

Invite and Add all your Facebook friends to group using this simple bookmark.

How To Hide All Icons On Desktop In Windows

Most of you  will set the beautiful wallpapers but those nasty icons on your desktop will make it to look not much beautiful.

Update Your Twitter Header Photo To Make Your Profile More Beautiful

Now you can set Header Photo to your twitter profile. Make your twitter profile more Professional and beautiful by updating your twitter header photo.

Buy .com Domain at Rs: 249 form bigrock 60% off - UPDATED

Good news to webmasters and bloggers,  Bigrock is offering the .com domain @Rs. 249 ($4.5). This is the correct opportunity to buy a domain. I had purchased a domain with this offer .Don't miss this opportunity.