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How To Downlaod Copy Of Your Facebook Information

Do you know that you can make a backup of all the content your Facebook posts, photos, Videos, Comments.Read this post to know how to dot?. It will help you when your Facebook account get hacked or if you are planning to delete your Facebook account permanently for any reason.

How To Recover Super Hidden Files From Pendrive Using Command Prompt

We all mostly use pendrives for carrying data from one computer to another. Your data in pendrive is important to you. Viruses are the biggest problem for the pendrives. Commonly most of the viruses infects through the pendrives. Some of the viruses superhiddens the files and folders in your pendrive and creates a duplicate folder with ".exe" extension.

How To Enable / Disable Super Hidden Files And Folders

Is your USB Pendrive  infected by a virus and all the files and folders in your Pendrive are made hidden by the viruses? You cannot view them simply by enabling only the show hidden files and folders option because viruses converts them in to super hidden files. Enable the below option to view Super Hidden Files.

How To Enable / Disable Hidden Files And Folders

This is a basic windows option to view hidden files on a computer. Do you want to check up the hidden files on your computer. Just enable the below option.

How To Download Archive Of Your Total Google Account Data

Do you want to save your Gmail contacts, Google Drive, Blogger, Picasa Web Albums, Google+ Stream, etc... on your computer. Don't worry you can download your complete Google account activities of all the below Google services at single place.

How To Update Kaspersky Antivirus & Internet Security 2013 Offline

Update your kaspersky antivirus 2013 Offline without the internet connection to your pc. Are not updating your kaspersky internet security due to slow internet and any some other reasons, don't worry just download kaspersky update utility provided officially by the kaspersky team.

How To Connect Internet Via Nokia Phone To PC

Now a days 70% of mobile phones has internet facility. Every one are using social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google plus, etc.. form their mobiles. we can browse internet on computer / laptop using the mobile phones. Let us see how to connect to internet form your Nokia phone to PC.