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How To Unfriend / Remove Multiple Facebook Friends Bulk

Hello friends.. Here is the Grease Monkey script for removing Multiple facebook friends quickly. For any reason do you want to unfriend the more number of your facebook friends? You can select multiple friends delete them at a time quickly with this script.

Technic Page is Now TipsDrive

Hi to all my blog readers. I thank all of you for making this blog successful. I purchased the new domain Now TechnicPage is renamed to TipsDrive. All the posts of this blog is successfully redirected to

How To Block Facebook / Any Website Without Using Software

If you want to block / restrict a particular website or multiple websites on your computer just follow the below steps. This trick will is useful to block any websites which are surfing by your children or anyone in your house or company computers.

Free Unlimited Webhosting For 1 Month From Bigrock

Bigrock is offering free unlimited premium web-hosting for one month. If you are interested in hosting your website in a premium hosting plan, it is the best time to use this opportunity.

Download Adobe Flash Player Offline Installer

Download the latest version of adobe flash player Offline installer Here. Regular adobe online flash player installer downloads the latest version and installs on your computer. If you are facing any problems with the regular installer due to low internet bandwidth

How To Post Blank Status, Comment & Chat Message in Facebook

Hi, Today you are going to know how to post a Blank Post, Status, Comment and blank chat message on Facebook.

2 Ways To Rename Multiple Files And Folders In Winodws

Let us know the simple ways to rename the multiple files and folders easily in the windows operating system.