Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To Unfriend / Remove Multiple Facebook Friends Bulk

Hello friends.. Here is the Grease Monkey script for removing Multiple facebook friends quickly. For any reason do you want to unfriend the more number of your facebook friends? You can select multiple friends delete them at a time quickly with this script.

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Script Updated On 29-May-2013

Facbook mass friends unfirend

Removing Multiple Friends On Facebook

  1. Firefox browser.
  2. Grease Monkey Addon.
  3. Mass Facebook Friends Deleter Script

 Steps to Unfriend mutiple facebook friends 

  •  Like To Unlock above link. Open link and click install button at top right of the webpage.
  • It will display a popup screen to install the script. Press Install button.
facebook unfriend script installation
  • Now Login to your facebook account and go to friends list. 
facebook friends list with check boxes
 Note: Check Boxes are appearing on Reloading the Friends list Page.
*Reload the Friends list page after it is completely loaded.
  • You will observe the check boxes at left side of your each friends photo.
  • Select your friends whom you want to unfriend.
  • Press Delete Selected Friends button. A conformation dialog will appear click Ok.
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If you have any doubts write in comments.
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