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10 Useful Google Search Tips

Follow some of these search tips to make your searching easier on google. Here are the some basic search operators.

How To Update Your Facebook Status In Blue Color

This the old trick but it is just small and easy trick in all of the facebook tricks. This the coolest facebook trick, you can amaze your friends by writing your status update in blue color. You can also use it to highlight some of important text in blue color.

How To Enable Multiple Clocks In Windows 7

Basically in windows 7 shows only one clock in the taskbar. We can view up to three clocks of different timezones at a time by enabling the remaining two clocks. Let us see how to view multiple clocks in windows 7.

How To Get Your Facebook Numerical Profile Or Page Id

We all know that a every Facebook profile will have a unique numerical ID like but after assigning your own User Name numeric id will not show in your profile url, it redirects to your custom User Name. one of our blog reader asked this doubt. Here is the trick to get your facebook id number using facebook graph.

Download:- All Win Key Shortcuts For Windows 7 E-Book

Hi readers, this is the first first E-book made by me. This E-book contains the complete list of all the shortcuts which are used with the combination of Windows Logo key. You can do the common tasks fast easily by using the shortcuts.