Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How To Enable Multiple Clocks In Windows 7

Basically in windows 7 shows only one clock in the taskbar. We can view up to three clocks of different timezones at a time by enabling the remaining two clocks. Let us see how to view multiple clocks in windows 7.

multiple time zones in windows 7

How To Add Multiple Timezone Clocks In Windows 7

  • Click on the Date & Time at right of your taskbar.
  • Click Change date and time settings...
windows 7 clock
  • Navigate to Additional Clocks tab.
windows 7 multiple clock settings

  • To Enable second Tick the Show this clock and select your desired time zone.
  • For third Clock, Tick the second Show this clock and select your desired time zones.
  • Press Apply and Ok.
  • Now click on the time at right of your taskbar, Three clocks will be displayed.
Multiple Clocks
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