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Search Google For Free On Airtel Mobile

Airtel is now tied-up with the Google Freezone. Now you can search for free on google, read and send emails and use google + for freely without any internet data charges form the google freezone. You can connect your friends on google plus+ from your internet enabled phones.

Free internet on Airtel

How To Get The Benefit's Of Google Freezone On Airtel.

Now Google Free zone is available for all the airtel subscribers in india. Simply enter any of the following urls in your mobile browser. Airtel users can access freezone by without signing in to google accounts.
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How To Get The Benefit's Of Google Freezone On Other Networks.

You can also access this free service other than the Airtel like Idea, Cellone, Vodafone, Uninor, Tata Docomo, Reliance and etc.. but you need to sign-in to your google account. Simply enter any of the following urls in your mobile browser and sign in to google.
If you don’t have a Google account, create one at no cost by clicking on sign up or SignUp here

 Benefit's Of Google Free Zone.

  1. Search unlimited on Google and browse the internet for FREE
  2. Send and read emails on Gmail for FREE
  3. Stay connected with your friends on Google+ for FREE
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Limitations Of Google FreeZone.

  • Search the entire internet and access the only first page of websites from the results for free.
  • If you open links after the first page, you will be redirected to a page contains list of data plans offering by your mobile network.
  • Cannot download the external files for free.
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If you have any doubts feel free to write in comments.


  1. It's not unlimited.. though it's free, but it has a limit of 1GB !! it's free only till 1GB
    visit the airtel's clearly mentioned there! :)

  2. Mine is said in the above article that we also can access the free zone by logging into our google accounts,but,it doesn't let me login into my account..before that it says freezone is not applicable to this handset,blah blah..
    There's no option for other subscribers!! It's only and only for airtel users sadly!! Hope we get the benefits soon too!


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