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Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software On Pc & Moble Phone

Download youtube videos without using any browser addons and without any video downloading softwares on your PC or Mobile Phone.

There are many online services to download youtube videos. I liked the service very much. They are providing all the methods to download videos form the different video hosting websites.

How To Download Videos On Any Mobile & PC

Download youtube videos on any mobile by simply the additional two letters SS to youtube url. You can directly download videos from your phone default web browser or any other third party browsers like Opera, Uc brwoser.

  • Choose a video on youtube to download.
  • To Download video add the letters SS at the begining of your youtube video url.                Example:‎
Noraml Youtube Video Url.

After Adding Letters "SS" To The Url.‎
  • It not only download the videos but also automatically converts videos to different formats. You can download any of the following formats. 
  • FLV: 240p, 360p, 480p, MP4: 360p, 720p720p,3GP: 144p, 240p,WebM: 360p, 480p,  
Read: How To Save Video From Browser Cache.


  1. There are a lot of other softwares available online for this, or you can simple download IDM.

    1. Nice trick but the trick that i am tried is best you can download without any software just go to this Link How to download facebook videos without any software

    2. you are right but.. in this way you can save the video directly form the browser's cache and No need to download it again. You can save your time and bandwidth with this process.

  2. cane we resume the video. n, can we start the video download from the point where the video stops downloading, eventhough sudden system restarts ( just like IDM )

    1. No, we cannot resume the video after closing the firefox.

  3. ho k dude no problem, and then tell me how to download videos from other websites,blogs,pages,fb etc., (i mean where i have to add "SS" to the other links)


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